How to bind a range of IP’s in Redhat based linux

How to bind a range of IP’s in Linux This method is used by Redhat Linux based servers (Centos/RedhatEnterprise/FedoraCore). Create a file called /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0-range0 And in the file place these 3 lines but change the IP’s to match YOUR assigned range. ## Start CLONENUM_START=0 # Example | IPADDR_START=67.18.333.440 # Example | IPADDR_END=67.18.333.444 #… Continue reading How to bind a range of IP’s in Redhat based linux

Linux Memory Management

Scenario: Customer is concerned that only 100MB of their 2GB of memory is as unused or free when running the free command. However, no processes appear to be consuming large amounts of memory, and the server is not running slow. Cause: This is not a problem, but rather a result of the way linux manages… Continue reading Linux Memory Management

Users Can’t Change Password – cPanel

When trying to change their password in cPanel, users get the following error: There was an error manipulating the password file. This generally means you entered your old password incorrectly. This has been seen on CentOS and Redhat servers running cPanel 11. The known fix is to run: chmod +s /usr/bin/passwd