Catch PHP nobody Spammers

PHP and Apache has a history of not being able to track which users are sending out mail through the PHP mail function from the nobody user causing leaks in formmail scripts and malicious users to spam from your server without you knowing who or where. Watching your exim_mainlog doesn’t exactly help, you see th… Continue reading Catch PHP nobody Spammers

Windows integration notes

Make program default editor for a file type Shift-right-click on a file of a type; this forces the ‘open with’. Click ‘Choose program’, find it, and select the checkbox that tells windows to always open files of this type. Change IE ‘view source’ program Folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\View Source Editor\Editor Name has a default key that… Continue reading Windows integration notes

hwclock – query and set the hardware clock

set the system time from the hardware clock ============================================ root@s1 [~]# /sbin/hwclock –hctosys root@s1 [~]# set the hardware clock to the current system time ============================================ root@s1 [~]# /sbin/hwclock –systohc root@s1 [~]# root@s1 [~]# /sbin/hwclock –help hwclock – query and set the hardware clock (RTC) Usage: hwclock [function] [options…] Functions: –help        show this help –show        read… Continue reading hwclock – query and set the hardware clock