Enable SLM on Virtuozzo

 What is SLM, “Virtuozzo Service Level Management (SLM) is a system that maintains and allows administrators to configure and control the levels of service (i.e., the set of ‘promises’) provided to VPS owners.I came across some different ways of enabling SLM on the Virtuozzo Node, by far the best was the information about how to enable it with out a Node reboot. run the following commands. Edit the following files and make said changes

/etc/sysconfig/vz and change the SLM entry to slm=yes/etc/sysconfig/vzagent/vzagent.conf Locate the SLM entry, change it to 1. 


After you modified configuration file you need to restart VZAgent, use the following command on a hardware node:

vzagent_ctl restart 


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