Creating domain on a freshly added IP address fails in Parallels Panel for Windows

Creating domain with hosting on the IP address that has just been added fails and the following error is returned:

dnsmng::update() failed: dnsmng failed: Unknown error 0x80131501 (COM Error 80131501, Description: Generic failure ) at resetSecondaries ZoneName = '' transfer={ "" } notify={ "" }
at (dnsmng::msdns::MsDnsManager::resetSecondaries line 385)
at createPrimaryZone ZoneName = ''(dnsmng::msdns::MsDnsManager::createPrimaryZone line 373)
at execute "C:\Program Files (x86)\Parallels\Plesk\/admin/bin/dnsmng" update (vconsoleapp::run line 140)

As soon as an IP address is added to the system, Microsoft Windows performs the IP verification procedure, Windows checks up if the IP is unique. Until check-up is complete, the IP address is marked as ‘tentative’. If trying to create domain with physical hosting during the verification, creating DNS zone for the domain fails, which prevents from creating the domain.
To avoid this issue, delay creating a domain for about 30 seconds after you add new IP address.

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