Cpanel disk used incorrect showing unlimited or 0MB

You can fix this by running the script  /scripts/fixquotas

is this doesn’t work and you are using Virtuozzo or OpenVZ you will need to set the QUOTAUGIDLIMIT perimeter – this allows the system to allocate user IDs (UID)

e.g (openvz)

vzctl set 101 –quotaugidlimit 1000 –save

then run the scrip “/scripts/fixquotas”

and it should all work.


If you’ve done the above and it still doesn’t work (or the value still says 0MB) this may be due to cPanel caching the disk usage results. to disable this:

Select the following in your WHM.

WHM >> Tweak Settings >> System >> “Disable Disk Quota display caching (WHM will cache disk usage which may result in the display of disk quotas being up to 15 minutes behind the actual disk usage. Disabling this may result in a large performance degradation.)”

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