MySQL Optimization / Repair Information

How MySQL Uses Memory This page lists some of the ways that the mysqld server uses memory, and associated mysqld variable names Memory Use MySQL 5.0 Memory Use MySQL 4.1 MySQL Optimization which covers: – Optimization Overview – Optimizing SELECT and Other Statements – Locking Issues – Optimizing Database Structure – Optimizing the MySQL Server […]

Securing MySQL.

Due to differing needs and requirements this is difficult to answer except on a case by case basis. The MySQL website has a section regarding general security of a MySQL database available here: Additionally some good practices are: Verify your root MySQL account password is set the test account and database that were created […]

How do I backup MySQL in Linux?

1. Copying from the mysql directory By default, MySQL databases on servers that use Linux are stored in the following directory: /var/lib/mysql/ If you shut down the mysqld service first, you can copy your databases to an example /backup directory using the following command: cp –Rp /var/lib/mysql/*.* /backup The –R switch for the cp command means recursive, which you […]

Mailbox unavailable or not local error messages – Plesk

If you receive this error when adding a domain: Unable to send notification: mail() failed: SMTP server response: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable or not local then you need to add a valid mailbox to your Plesk admin setup. To resolve this issue log into Plesk and click on: Server Edit (under personal […]

How to add GD support to PHP on a Linux server with Plesk

Adding GD graphic libraries support to php on your linux server with Plesk is relatively simple. First, log into your server using ssh to get to a command line prompt. Second, type the following command to install a version of php with GD support: up2date php-gd Third, restart your web service with this command: service […]

How do I retrieve the Plesk control panel password?

You can always get the Plesk password if you have Administrative access to the server. If you have also lost administrative access to the server, refer to [How do I reset the password on my server] For Windows, 1. From the Start menu, select Run. 2. Enter the following command: “C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\admin\bin\plesksrvclient.exe” -get For Linux, […]

Assigning Name server IPs manually via SSH – cPanel

Currently cPanel will start with eth0 and work through eth1 when you assign nameservers to your IPs via WHM. Unfortunately, this will automatically choose your management IP range first, which of course are non-routable. There are two work-arounds for this: 1: Create a fake nameserver record on your private IPs, and add an A record […]