Cannot install binary packages using pkg_addCannot install binary packages using pkg_add

Failure to install binary packages in older FreeBSD versions using “pkg_add -r”. Solution: Add these lines to /etc/csh.cshrc (/etc/profile if you are using bash or sh): [FreeBSD 4.x] setenv PACKAGESITE setenv PACKAGELIST [FreeBSD 5.x] setenv PACKAGESITE setenv PACKAGELIST

How to bind a range of IP’s on BSD based hosts ( FreeBSD, OpenBSD )

First login to your FreeBSD host as a ‘non-root’ user. You should have an account in the ‘wheel’ group that you can do this with. Once you have logged in run the following commands to switch users to ‘root’ su – Password: server# The prompt should have a # in it now meaning you are […]

WHM shows all accounts as 0/unlimited quotas

There are many possible causes of this issue, however most relate to quotas being enabled on the filesystem itself. Some ways to check the most common errors are: Quotas enabled in the filesysem By default, quoatas are enabled in the kernel on all SoftLayer Linux and FreeBSD kernels. If you’ve compiled/installed your own kernel, you’ll […]