Plesk Migration Manager is unable to connect to Plesk Agent installed on a remote server.

Source server has Plesk Migration agent installed. Plesk Migration Manager is installed on Plesk server. Plesk keeps displaying Unable to upload scout: Unable to run migrmng: Unable to connect to remote host Please check if the remote server is available for connection and if the correct login and password are specified. To successfully utilize […]

PVA troubleshooting.

Linux/Unix, Management Node: PVA status: # pvamn status PVA restart: # pvamn restart PVA (Control Center) status: # pvacc status PVA (Control Center) restart: # pvacc restart Special config file: /opt/pva/mn/bin/pva.conf [log_folder] – Location of log files, default: /var/log/pva [etc_folder] – Location of config files, default: /var/opt/pva/mn/etc To change log level, find vzagent.conf location in […]

PhpMyAdmin Stuck at Login screen with no errors !

This is a possible issue when the path to save php_session is not correctly set : The directory for storing session does not exists or php do not have sufficient rights to write to it. To define the php_session directory simply add the following line to the php.ini : session.save_path=”/tmp/php_session/” And give write rights to […]

WHM locked out – cphulkd

cPHulk Brute Force Protection prevents malicious forces from trying to access your server’s services by guessing the login password for that service. BUT sometimes it becomes troublesome when you are accessing the cPanel with incorrect password and cPanel assuming you as attacker blocks you with below message : ————————————————————————————— This account is currently locked out […]