Linux Configuration and Diagnostic Tools

untitled System and Network Configuration * linuxconf – A GUI interactive interface available on Redhat 6.0 or later which includes netconf configuration. * netconf – A GUI interactive interface available on Redhat 6.0 and later. * kbdconf – A Redhat Linux tool which configures the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard file which specifies the location of the keyboard map […]


I think the number one skill a sysadmin should have is a solid understanding of shells and shell scripting. The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide is a good place to start or take a refresher. From the introduction: A working knowledge of shell scripting is essential to anyone wishing to become reasonably proficient at system administration, even […]

Restarting Mail Enable through Plesk (Windows)

In order to restart the Mail server [Mail Enable], please use these steps.  1) Login To Remote Desktop >> “Plesk Services Monitor” [ Right side in the task bar] >> Check the box “Mail Server” >> Click on Restart. OR 2) Login To Remote Desktop >> Start >> Run >> type ” services.msc ” From here, you have […]