Service/Daemon Management

restarting/stopping/starting a service On any init.d based linux distro you can restart a service with the following… /etc/init.d/serviceName restart You may replace ‘restart’ with ’stop’ or ’start’ (and in some cases ’status’). Forcefully stopping a service killall processName Killing on instance of a service kill pid The pid can be gathered by either top or […]

File Permissions

Listing Permissions ls -al will display all files in a list with their owners and permissions -rw-r–r– 1 irq13 irq13 1006 Jan 24 10:16 .bashrc Now to break down the above example… -rw-r–r– is the permissions area. The first – would be d if the item is directory, otherwise it will be -. The second […]

Basic commands

* whoami : displays current user * top : displays the top cpu/memory eaters and system load.. like task manager on windows * ps : displays all processes running.. ps aux is the most useful way to run it * wall “some text” : sends a broadcast message to all logged on users * man […]

File System

/ : root of the file system contains all devices and directory’s /root : the root users home directory /home : all other users home dirs reside in here /boot : All the kernels and boot specific info /tmp : temporary files are stored here, is commonly world writable so keep an eye on it […]


I see most of the people searching for basics on linux and found much difficult to get it in short. I have gathered some from a wiki and will add to this section. This might help some of you guys 🙂

Cannot install binary packages using pkg_addCannot install binary packages using pkg_add

Failure to install binary packages in older FreeBSD versions using “pkg_add -r”. Solution: Add these lines to /etc/csh.cshrc (/etc/profile if you are using bash or sh): [FreeBSD 4.x] setenv PACKAGESITE setenv PACKAGELIST [FreeBSD 5.x] setenv PACKAGESITE setenv PACKAGELIST

Installing qmHandle

qmHandle is a simple program which allows you to view and manage the qmail queue. Installation: wget tar xvzf qmhandle-1.2.0.tar.gz chmod 777 qmHandle ./qmHandle –h That will show you how to use ./qmHandle Now, i am writing few tips how to use it. /root/qmHandle/ -s Messages in local queue: 0 Messages in remote queue: […]