GRUB start-up password !

First, boot the system with the first Linux CD, when you see boot prompt, type linux rescue to switch to rescue mode. Here, you will be asked if similar steps should be followed, which need to be followed in the installation.

At the prompt, type the next command:
# chmod /mnt/sysImage
# locate grub.conf
# nano /path/to/grub.conf (Edit the grub.conf file and remove the passwd line from the file)

cPanel email inconsistent quota !

If a cPanel email user quota does not match what is being reported by the system or a mail client run the following to determine how much space has been used for real:

du -hs /home/username/mail/

then compare it with what cPanel reports for the disk usage, if they are different delete:


finally re-login to cPanel and it should be resolved.